LXXVIII: Epilogue Part 2

Yeah, don't we all? I really love games too, but I don't plan on burning import shit I create onto a PS2 disk. Fortunately, I don't make anything important ever, so this really isn't a problem.

Well, actually, he died in a pretty stupid game in general. (Drum clap, please?)

...Wait, how the fuck did he leave? Isn't he at least going to knock boots with Holly after going to all that trouble to rescue her? And doesn't the base have any guards or anything to stop Snake?

That is cruel. Not "burn a man alive" cruel, but still.

Cast? There were no voices or actors or...

Epilogue: Roy Campbell goes on to kidnap Snake and force him to a mission on Shadow Moses island. Later, Campbell is inexplicably impersonated by A.I. You know what, don't even worry about that. Never happened.

Holly, like Meryl, is never heard from again, but Snake never even gets any. All talk and no walk, eh? Maybe he needs some v1agra or something.

George Kessler is also never heard from again. I hear lately he's on a suicide assistance hotline where he just tells people that their problems really are insurmountable.

Easter egg! Madnar is a lot like "Modnar" which is the last name of another scientist in a Kojima game: Snatcher! Snatcher was so violent that Konami only released 250,000 copies for the Sega CD in America. I'm a proud owner, by the way. That game was pretty fucked up - maybe I'll do a guide on that.

I'll miss you, old friend.

Apparently, Master Miller is impersonated by Liquid Snake in the next game which means he must look a lot like Liquid Snake already, and therefore must look and sound like Solid Snake, too. Which he obviously doesn't.

Strangled in bed by another scientist. If only he'd had some anti-strangle missles like I did.

Frank Jaeger somehow goes on to become a cyborg ninja in the next game. Yeah, don't look at me.

I could swear this is the same Natasha from the next game, but being that she got hit by a missle and had her extremely long death scene, I guess not.

"Shuck it, Trebek."

Hey, that's not a character! And where's Ultrabox?

He was a lot better than Metal Gear C.

THE END. I hope you all enjoyed this strategy guide. (Thank God I'm done.)

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