LXXVII: Epilogue, Part 1

And this bullfrog shaped helicopter lifts off, with Snake and Holly in tow.

And flies off in the sunset... and then credits. Is that all, game?

Yeah, don't even bother resting or anything after the mission. Let's just go right into the next one.

Campbell's all business - he doesn't even seem somewhat bothered by the fact that Snake is leaving, and he just asks the question we've all been wondering? Did they get the secret of Oilix?


Well there's an incredible coincidence. I guess it's safe to say this conversation is happening long after Snake and Holly landed and are in the base with Campbell.

Crap! We beat Grey Fox to death and we didn't even get a video game out of it? Awwwww.

For once, Holly and I are in complete agreement. Why is the game speaking in riddles?

Oh good one, Marv! That proves... fucking nothing! What if he just gave you a blank cartridge with his name on it?! And by the way, good fucking coincidence his name happens to be VRAM 01K backwards.

Snake: "That will teach the world to just let some tiny nation become the sole nuclear power in the world, steal a giant mech, and the plans for an oil-producing... wait, what the fuck WERE we thinking?"

This way for more ending