LXXVI: Merry Christmas! (?)

Now, you MUST fight off the soldiers. Keep shooting them and they stop coming! Then I waited for like five minutes and nothing happened. Really. So I tried shooting again for no reason - that's actually what triggers the next scene.

Wow, incredible fucking coincidence that you had JUST enough ammo to kill everyone who came by.

Hey Holly, before giving me this gun, you kept one for yourself, right?... Right?

...Guess not. It looks like the end!

In the nick of time, Charlie arrives and shoots the guards! Yay! We're saved!!!

Thanks for stating the obvious there, Holly.

Snake isn't even a little upset that Charlie was somewhat late and almost got him killed? He'd be allowed!

Yeah, guys. Keep joking around. Don't board the helicopter in case more guards are on their way.

...Uh, sorry?

This is like flirting in a fucking asylum. What the hell are you peeople talking about?

And Snake makes his final joke.

I hope the end makes sense.