LXXV: Run for the Border

Unfortunately, Snake throws stealth out the window and runs right into 3 guards. Shoot 'em or run by 'em - fortunately, they can't shoot or stop Holly, so let's pretend she's not even here and run like the coward we are.

Fortunately, we've got limitless ammo, so if we wanted to stay and fight, we could! Unfortunately, they've got limitless soldiers, so there's no point.

And of course, the game makes you fight off soldiers while waiting for a goddamned elevator. Lovely.

And you get to wait even more for your elevator to ascend. I love this game.

You're almost nears the end, kid! Ha cha cha cha cha!

Run for the hills! Shoot the guards ahead of you and run from the ones behind you! 64 Skidoo! Hike!

You're also gonna run into tripwire which you have to just run against until it breaks. It really doesn't hold you back long enough for the soldiers to catch up, fortunately, so it's rather annoying and pointless. Just like all the backtracking I've had to do in this game!

Reach the final clearing and Snake... makes a reference to Christmas... for some reason... okay.

Nah, take your time. Nothing important happening here.

Christmas is almost over!