LXXIV: We Meet Charlie

Holly asks a fairly intelligent question... well except of course, for the hallway leading out right in front of you.

Oh... good one... Snake... I'll use that in my act if I ever do stand-up in Hell.

"Unless the jokes involve sneaking up on people and pretending to be an enemy who wants to kill him. Just like Jell-O, there's always room for that!"

And we introduce another new character, suddenly: Snake's friends in the Viet Cong! Can Charlie save Snake?

"Oh what, you're too good to comandeer an enemy Jeep or helicopter or something? I'm kind of busy here, I can't just be carting your ass everywhere, Super Spy."

"Oh, good to know you've been spending your energies on seeking out blowjobs during national emergencies like that. I guess that's what all your training has taught you - never stop trying to get laid."

Well, don't worry. Charlie's a pervert, too.

Snake: "Because if you can't, I'm leaving your sexy ass here alone. Chivalry is not dead!"

Yeah, really. God forbid you have to fucking run, Little Miss High and Mighty. Wouldn't want you to strain your Pwincess Feet.

Yeah, dodging gunfire really works the quads, and the glutes in addition to being pretty good cardiovascular exercise. Unless of course, you fucking die, which is not recommended. Trust me, my personal trainer really hammered that point home.

Time for the Jog Home!