LXXIII: The Reunion

After Big Boss's immolation, head north and...

What?! Where the hell did that asshole come from? I was just in the giant room and I didn't see any-

Oh! It was just Holly, sneaking up on a trained killer, pointing a gun at him and saying "Halt!" Good one!

Ha. I just fought a guy with a machine fun with my bare hands, beat up someone in a fucking minefield, after individually picking items and weapons that were on fire in my bag, and let's not even talk hamsters or the fact that I launched missles at an old man who was strangling me. WHAT THE FUCK COULD SURPRISE ME TODAY?

Holly: "Just fuckin' around the enemy base, you know. Hey I saw you burn that guy to death. You're a little sickie, ain'cha, Snake?"

Yeah, but we didn't say when or where or anything. And it's not much of a "promise", I mean we CAN always meet provided we're both alive... it sort goes without saying...

Snake says a lot of weird things in this game. I can't really imagine David Hayter voicing this, nor Snake's "Your reply, please" line.

"Oh, no thanks Holly. I have a spray bottle and a lighter. I'm also working on making a morning star out of duct tape and a baseball."

Always be polite to women with guns.

The end draws nearer...