LXX: Big Boss... Rambling...

You want proof the economy is bad? Try this on for size - terrorists are getting on children's good sides to get jobs training them! Write your Congressman on that one and see what happens, bizz-notch!

Here, again, Big Boss has the dumbest reasons alive for trying to convince you to join his posse. "We're useless dummies back home." Well, yeah! When you spend your money to hire the world's fastest mercernary and a group of people named Ultrabox, no one takes you seriously! What an ass-clown!

Big Boss: "And believe it or not, some people consider me a pessimist!"

Again, I'd be more sympathetic to Snake's character... had I heard this weeks ago when I started this game. I never knew Snake had nightmares before this very moment, so I'm only left with the following sentiment. "Shut up and fucking fight already!!!"

Oh boy! Dumb video game pre-fight taunt #1!

Yeah, getting killed kinda does that... are we gonna fight or what?!

Snake: "Well, unless I just... go to Alaska and stop fighting, right? I mean... I could do that."

Snake comes out with this incredibly passive-aggressive response. This makes you lose respect for people. "C'mon, Big Boss, let's not fight! I like pansies!"

Big Boss - like he's done for the rest of this conversation - ignores Snake's entire monologue and - again - suggests a fight.

Why would your former supervisor be grateful to you? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Why am I still trying to ask these questions, when there's no answer at all?

Big Boss acts insulted about a situation that he... well, pretty much created. Dude, you could throw me a pocket knife or... something!

And, again, making too much sense, Snake goes off on a tangent about the American econony.

On and on and on...