Chapter VII: Snake Roots Through Trash Mostly

When we last saw Solid Snake, he had jumped down a dust chute, which you can see here. I've never heard of a large hole in the wall - big enough for a man to crawl in - with a giant sign marked "Dust" before. What the fuck sized dust do they have in Zanzibar Land?

The dust chute takes you to a garbage dump, where random bags drop down. You can keep coming back and getting more items that people throw away, like...

Bird shit! Which means people in Zanzibar Land catch bird shit in garbage bags and throw them out for the birds! What an environmentally conscious aggressive nuclear power!

Hey, Metal Gear, don't tell me what to do! I don't know that the bird shit will be useless. After all, this is the game series where cigarettes show me laser tripwires, and I can fool a guard into thinking I'm dead with a bottle of ketchup. Knowing Kojima, bird shit could be used to grease a rusty gun or God knows what.

You can also find food in the trash, which makes you the espionage, super-solider version of a homeless dude. Considering that Snake also likes to hide under cardboard boxes, that joke hit a little closer to the mark than you first thought, didn't it? I hear in MGS3: Snake Eater, you can dance for nickels.

Bug list? Oh! Programmer humor! Good one! Is the script of Metal Gear Solid 2 coming down the chute next?

Head south from the garbage dump to go through the sewers and find... mines! In the... sewers... Uh, wow. Zanzibar's really proactive in their pest control, huh?

If you use Black Color's card, you can get into the west room of 2F and get... um... a shiny, new mallet? A shiny, new back massager? A shiny, new exhaust pipe?

Oh! A shiny, new silencer! Now your giant gun won't make as much noise! Granted, it's far too big for you to use anyway, but hey! New silencer!

I don't quite remember how I got to this red computer room, so this part is less strategy guide and more photo album. These two guards are talking privately... probably sharing a moment. I don't blame them with that romantic green and yellow views of those buildings. The world's only nuclear power doesn't have full color displays?

Before you decide to follow Black Color's advice and follow the Green Beret guy, you'll want to go up to the 3rd floor and get a mine detector and a gas mask. I forgot to do this, and the game made me double back later. It's really annoying. So, let's spare ourselves that and get it now!

By the way, you may be wondering what that giant computer mouse on the table to the left is. I wish I could tell you.

What's next for our hero? Find out... now!