LXVIII: Snake Meets the Ringleader

After not only enduring the final fight, but also Fox's award acceptance speech - I'm sure the Oscars would have played his ass off stage - he leaves behind the thing he told you to burn and die for...

The MSX cartridge! With the Oilix plans!

Uh oh! Either someone's randomly charming a snake in the nearby room, or you're being taunted by the really real last boss of the game!

Go west, and... you get it again! Like a retarded ghost trying to lure a dog, someone keeps taunting you to come closer...

And it's a guy with a machine gun!... Who could it be-

Dun Dun DUN! Big Boss! Snake states the obvious here.

Big Boss: "Sorry I didn't welcome you sooner, but man, I've been nuts trying to cancel my Columbia House DVD membership. Those fuckers won't quit!"

Well, I have to admit, I didn't expect this to turn all gay love story so soon...

And here's two more things I didn't expect. First, since the Metal Gear Solids already established Snake as being born from Big Boss's DNA, I didn't expect them to look not at all alike. Second, I didn't expect Big Boss to look anything like Sean Connery.


Last question: Uh, what nightmares? When the hell did this plot thread spring into existence?

This probably would have resonated more poignantly if we'd fucking heard of it before. Instead, we're force-fed last minute drama. Funny how Snake never mentioned the last 3 years of his life throughout everything he's been through in the past few hours.

Christ, How Long Will This Conversation Last?