LXVII: Foxes Don't Die Easy

When we last saw Solid Snake, he was in the most gruesome position we've seen him in yet! He's discussing death, endlessly!

This is completely the most appropriate thing to say to an old friend who is dying. "Hey, man. We've been through a lot together and I love you like a brother. Just know that... you're despicable and I could never be like you. Have fun in the afterlife! B-F-F!"

Like that Bobble-Head Mickey I got in Disney World.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! I thought we already established that Campbell made those calls! Why else would his image appear onscreen when the "fan" was talking?

Hey, I'd like to point out something at this point. Remember in Metal Gear Solid, when you tried to fire on Metal Gear Rex, when it had Grey Fox pinned against a wall? Snake would reply, "It's no good... I can't do it!" Yeah, in this game, Snake beats Grey Fox to death. Make what you will of that.

But again! You looked just like Campbell in those cutscenes! And even if it was you, why did you warn me to leave Zanzibar after you destroyed the bridge only to anonymously give me hints on how to hang-glide over it!


Fox: "Sorry about hitting you with that missle!"

For what? Beating the shit out of you?!

What's next?! Hopefully not more dialogue...