LXVI: Fox dies... very, very, very slowly.

When we last were at this snooze-fest, Fox was apologizing for Big Boss, explaining how great he was when BB saved his life twice over. The first time...

Well, of course they discriminated against Fox! With an ethnic-sounding name like Jaeger... oh wait...

"Like the children here." Wait, were they suddenly being discriminated against? Did I miss something? I can accept that if Fox were a minority, he might be discrimated against, but he's suddenly (meaning, no one mentioned it before) half-white, and with a name like "Frank Jaeger", who would have noticed, really?

All I'm saying is, this was a pretty clumsly way of introducing why Fox is resentful toward his former unit.

Okay, here's another one of my problems with Kojima. There's certain instances when his games are unnecessarily long winded. For example, does Vamp *really* need to explain why the peptides in the water during the fight with him are lethal? I mean, did he *really* need to?

And on the other hand, the situation with the Renamo in Mozambique might actually be interesting. How does Metal Gear 2 follow up on this?

They don't. You have to Google Renamo if you want to find out more.

With broken English! Do you mean he's getting revenge on Fox-Hound or repaying a debt to Big Boss? The answer is...

Fox: "I'm lying man. I can give up war whenever I want. Really, man. I've got it under control!"

Snake: "Warmen?! I thought we were MERmen. FUUUUUUCCCCCKK!!!!!"

Fox: "Just like those kids who spend tons of hours on Half Life map-mods hoping it will pan out into something. RampItUp46, I'm talking to you! That TeamFortress mod doesn't make you a real game designer!!!"

Holy fuck, but not without the world's longest speech. How long does it take you to die, motherfucker?

Fox: "The G-Spot... it was just a myth... just like the clitoris."

I hate to make cheap jokes like this, but... man, this conversation is boring and I gots nothin' else, ya hear me?!

Fox: "Yeah, no shit, Snake. Thanks for opening a wound... um, again."

Is this death scene gonna end? No.