LXIV: Prelude to really, really final fight!

Kessler calls to give Snake advice on this "last" fight.

Apparently a former fox found this agent, according to the typo. I'd make fun of the fact that this game wasn't copy edited, except well... if you've been reading this far, you realize the game wasn't even really edited at all.

Does anyone else feel like this game is overstating how dangerous a fox is? I mean, for Christ's sakes, foxes were routinely hunted and caught by dogs, who were trained by the wimpiest men in history - the British aristocracy. I apologize to any British people who take offense at that, but c'mon - you guys have had a pretty fruity aristocracy.

Oh wait... I forgot the French. Forget it.

Yeah? Titanic received five awards, and that movie sucks worse than a 15 year old boy in Thailand. Shut up - I'm not proud of that analogy, either.

Kessler is really the voice of doom and gloom toward the end of this game. He pretty much said, "You're fucked" when you fought Night Sight and for once, Snake takes charge. "Yeah, I know already, okay? You're going to say he's awesome and invincible. I'm sorry I suck so bad in your eyes, Kessler. Fuck you."

Snake: "Unless he's driving a giant robot. Then, he pretty much just dumbly repeats basic attack patterns and throws missles. I mean, other than that I respect the guy, but fuck! He was driving a Metal Gear, and I pretty much wasted him with a few grenades!"

Snake: "I'm not implying anything gay here. I mean, we all used to give him hot stone massages, but out of respect only! And we'd wipe his ass from time to time, but it was more of an honor thing! Like sumo wrestlers! Okay? STOP STARING AT ME WITH YOUR DAMN ACCUSING EYES!!!"

Uh, yeah - I think Snake just mentioned that he did.

I like to imagine that Fox is just standing there, checking his watch while Snake openly gossips about him on a walkie talkie, only a few feet away. I also wonder what the hell an "over-the-fence" is. I imagine it's like the espionage-version of "seven minutes in heaven".

Wait a fucking minute. So, Fox is this elite military agent - which means he'd have all sorts of government connections, and he can't secure his girlfriend a fucking green card? Look, I know Kojima is doing his best to paint America as the bad guy, but c'mon! This is really, really, really fucking reaching.

SPOILER ALERT!!! Big surprise coming up....

Wow! Whatta shocker! It's a shame Fox so nonchalantly hit her with a missle before! It's almost totally out of character for someone to kill the woman he loves FOR NO REASON AT ALL! This blatant omission in the character's storylines, needs some obvious explanation and we're hoping that it comes in the next-


Okay, never mind.

Well, that conversation ended strangely.