LXIII: Snake Versus Fox.

Grey Fox, having not yet exhausted EVERY video game villain cliche' he can, throws this one at you. At this rate, he's either going to turn out to be a boss from the beginning or a relative you never knew you had or something. Hey! Maybe he'll turn up in a sequel! NAH! That could never happen!

Snake: "Well, as long as I have options, how about a Mike's Hard Lemonade instead?"

I hope Snake didn't mean a cockfight here. Not that I have a problem with gay video game characters - I'm open minded. But I definitely have a problem with game characters knockin' the cock around. That's just... no.

Fox: "That statement would have had a lot more gravity if I'd mentioned it much, much earlier in the game, instead of awkwardly throwing it in at the last second like I did. Sorry."

Kojima throws in the very last "can we make this battle more epic?" point that he can, before resorting to things like making it so that Fox killed Snake's mother, or something. The way this is going, you'd think they'd artificially add a Latin chorus during this fight, like in Matrix: Revolutions. Snakey, I believe!

Snake retorts with the dumbest taunt I could imagine.

By the way, Kojima throws in the "at the last second, villain suddenly remembers he killed a relative of the hero" thing in MGS2.

Snake: "I've already got an 8.6 on hotornot.com! So I've already got the title of Fox! Booya!"

Suddenly, Kessler calls! What? He's actually trying to be proactively helpful?

What advice will Kessler give?