Chapter LXII: The "Final" Conflict

So, Snake stands like an idiot while he burns alive and Fox steals his video game cartridge with the Oilix plans. Good job, Ace. Oh good! A codec call! Yeah, Snake, you'd better get that. Not like you're ON FUCKING FIRE OR ANYTHING!!!


Uh... okay? Strangely, only Snake's weapons and equipment burn - not his clothes or anything. You have to go into your inventory and manually drop each one. In real life, you'd drop the whole backpack, as opposed to picking through a fiery pack, and taking things out one at a time, but like I said, realism got tossed a long time ago.

What's kind of funny is that while you're doing this, the game keeps proclaiming, "Empty!!"

Chuck your items and no more burning. Head south to the main junction again.

This time, the west door is open. And behind it is...

A dark room with Gray Fox! Well, that wasn't very surprising. Snake asks the question we're all wondering... what is this? Besides a dark room.

Yeah, right. Is that before you morph into your second and third forms? And before I have to take out Mother Brain and escape the base-destroying bomb's countdown?

Awww shit! It's time to throw down, baby!

The first rule of Metal Gear 2, do not talk about that hamster thing. Didn't happen.