Chapter VI: Yep, He's Still Dyin'.

Ronald McDonald? I knew McDonald's House was helpful. And what a threat! Oh no! They'll "forget me". Since these people allegedly kill orphans just so they won't talk, I don't know why I'd care if they forgot me or not. Poor Black Color Schneider.

Wait a minute... he gave them new families?

What a trickster! With his dying breath, Schneider's going to keep "his" identity a secret for a little longer. If I were Snake, I would have shot him in the balls just for being an enigmatic asshole.

"Sorry about trying to kill you and all that. I don't what I was thinking there."

Oh good, Dr. Marv is cahoots with Zanzibar Land. Just when things couldn't any better. By the way, if I were in charge of this Zanzibar country, I'd make sure this question was on every job interview. "So, if you were about to die, would you tell the enemy agent who killed you everything you know about my secret plans?"

The fuck is this, an easter egg hunt? How about, "Cell A152 on the first floor. What's this, "Look for the guy in the green hat, and take ten paces past Pirate's Cove to find him" nonsense?

Uh oh... are those randomly placed ellipses I see? Ellipses can occur in two places in video game dialogue - by themselves, where they make no sense, or in dying characters. Could these be Schneider's last words?

"See you later! Oh... I guess I won't."

By the way, I have a question...


Fortunately, he leaves behind a credit card that was bigger than he was which you can take. Hey, it's not Identity Theft if you just killed the other guy, right? Go to the north to go down a chute marked "Dust". Really.


What's at the bottom of the chute? Click here and find out.