Chapter LVII: Finally, the Cartridge

Again, probably by mistake, there's a small shortcut back - go in the northeast room of the Tower building in a cardboard box to get "delivered" near the detention center. The guards are rather demanding of their luggage, mind you.

Uh, you got it buddy. I'm just gonna... get going.... boxy style!

Done and done.

And sadly, the electric gate is back on, which means you have to repeat the owl puzzle again. I'd like re-iterate that you are in fact, tricking a guard into thinking it's nighttime by using a full grown owl that you've carried with you this whole time.

It turns out I was wrong - there's actually something stupider coming up, by the way.

And - FINALLY - we're back to the room with the locker. Use your new frozen key to find...

Nothing! It's like the cruelest joke in the world! You go all the way through the game and back and it's an empty locker. Cute, guys.

Okay, I know it's probably under the hole, but this part is as if Kojima decided to pack as much frustration in an enclosed space as possible - Solid Snake slowly walks to the back of the locker and looks around before you regain control of him. I swear this game would make the Dali Lama curse.

And what's in here? Rats! Ew. The MSX cartridge is there, too. Unfortunately, you can't stand up. I decided to crawl back out and call the animal expert, Yosef.