Chapter LV: Worst Boss Fight... Ever!

Okay, at this point my emulator had fucked up and stopped taking screenshots, so I'll have to describe the ridiculous, ridiculous boss fight to you. Petrovich walks over to Snake, and... jumps on his back and starts strangling him from behind.

Somehow, Snake is unable to counter this move by let's say... throwing the guy over his shoulder... or backing him into a wall... or... well, Christ, anything. Petrovich makes like Wesley from the Princess Bride and hangs on your back no matter what. How do you defeat Petrovich? You have two options:

One: You can fire off remote control missles, circle them around you, and hit him. With a fucking missle. You wouldn't believe it, but this doesn't hurt you, nor does it kill him instantly. You need to hit him with a few missles!

Two: You set down a landmine, and run over it - injuring you both!

I can't tell you which of these two options is the more retarded, frankly, but they're both pretty bad. I saved at this point, so there'll be pictures next chapter.

What happens next???