Chapter LIV: Petrovich Gone Wild!

Snake, in one of his, "I'm a good spy, mommy!" moments lets Petrovich hear his entire conversation with Holly. It was rude of him to eavesdrop, but hey - what else was he going to do? Call more guards? Try and escape? Stab Snake in the back?

Well, that seems weird - considering you're obviously a very stable individual.

Robotology - I wonder if you can get a Bachelor's in that. Is that anything like Androidonics? I wish whoever wrote this majored in Translatology.

Uh, you did. Last game, remember?

That surprises me - actually, I'd kind of imagine Dubya and Cheney getting a hard on over a nuclear-equipped walking mech. Well, provided Halliburton gets the no-bid contract on it, of course. (Don't get mad - you know it's true.)

SDI is Strategic Definse Initiative. NEDW is nothing, but NDEW is "Nuclear Directed Energy Weapons". "Brain bombs" are gibberish.

Snake: "Is this gonna take much longer? I've done a lot more listening than I've done sneaking today."

Holy fucking shit, nothing gets by Solid Snake! Did you just fucking get here, man?

Petrovich: "And I killed your dog last week. And I pushed an old woman down a flight of stairs. And I went back in time and rejected Hitler from that art museum when he was younger. Do you get it yet?! I'm fucking evil!"

Time for a Boss Fight!