Chapter LII: Yay! We Finally Found Dr. Marv!

It's Dr. Marv! And Dr. Petrovich! And Marv... oh. He's already dead. Great. Just fucking great. I searched cornfields for a card key for this!

Snake: "Wow, what a coincidence you were already here to see him die. So, uh, wanna grab some coffee?"

"He should have used Tide."

Snake plays Sherlock Holmes here - hey Snakey, you think he was strangled? "C'mon, gumshoes! There's sleuthery afoot!"

Um, about what?

Well... why wouldn't the Oilix plans be intact? I mean, scientists tend to write shit down, you know?

And I know we're all thinking it. What, pray tell, is a "games maniac"? My aunt Flammy was a "games maniac", except for booze.

"Unfortunately, the game in question was Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest. We threw that out a long time ago." Oh admit it, fanboys. That was the black sheep of the Castlevania family... no wait, that was Castlevania 64. My bad.

Legendary Worldwide- wait, what fucked up alternate universe is this? I wonder if they'd say the same thing if this game were released on a Sega Master System.

Fuck man, I'm dating myself here.

Oh okay, here's where Kojima comes out and just directly insults his audience! "Hey, thanks for buying my game losers! Just to warn you, next you're gonna backtrack through the whole game and have a TWO-HOUR LONG CODEC CALL! AHAHAHAHA!!!... Hey, how come we haven't had any upskirts in this game yet?"

Those Games Maniacs keep their cartridges in the whackiest places. Wait, if he was being held prisoner, no one searched him?

So Petrovich managed to get Marv to tell him that the Oilix plans were hidden in a cartridge, locked in the locker, but not where the key was hidden? I guess the "Strangle Interrogation" technique isn't that effective. Suddenly, a Codec call!

What terrible secrets will be revealed?!