Chapter XLIX - The Fight with Night Sight. Sorry.

Aha! The mystery fan turns out to be none other than ROY CAMPBELL!!!

Wait, what? Why is the head of this operation who helps you over the radio concealing his identity as one of your "fans" and helping you privately, too? Ugh, I don't even wanna begin examining this.

Snake: "Yeah. While we're on the subject, ever hear of the legendary band JOURNEY? WHEEL IN THE SKY KEEPS ON TURNIN'!"

Sweet quivering cuntbags, what's a girl to do?

If you notice, Solid Snake tends to repeat things that people just said a lot - in all the games. Here's dialogue from Metal Gear Solid.

Snake : He couldn't read you? How'd you do it?

Baker : Surgical implants in my brain.

Snake : Surgical implants?

That's okay. My gun makes little noise to thanks to my "Sheng Long Silencer".

I wish you were my commanding officer - that way you could give me advice critical to my mission's success without all this subterfuge. Oh wait. YOU FUCKING ARE.

I have the feeling that this is going to degrade into into a campfire story at some point. How can we deal with the threat that is Night Sight?

It's boss fighting time! I started the fight with Night Sight by walking around. It's a four screen area and... well, unrealistically, each screen has a different floor. Really - one has metal grating, another has tiles. The idea is that you're supposed to be able to hear where Night Sight is by what he's walking on.

This completely breaks down when he shoots at you and you can see exactly where he's supposed to be. His amazing camoflauge breaks down when I... well, shoot him.

He tries to run away, which makes you realize... wow, this boss sucks.

Oh no! I lost him... (sigh) Better call Kessler.

What will Kessler say?