Chapter XLVIII - Kids Say the Darndest Things

This little chocoholic pesters you for a fix. The best kind of chocoholics are the ones who use heroin instead of chocolate. Sorry to make light of the serious issue of chocoholism.


...yeah, thanks for the rat advice... thanks.

WHAT?! What kind of jackass pest control is this?

"Hey Ralph, why did we pour sulphuric acid everywhere?"

"Keeps the rats away. Hey Lenny, how are coming on making that wall of human feces to keep the roaches out?"

Alright! Another elevator and that means more WAITING! I love waiting! Thanks, Konami! I can't wait (!) for your next game, "Doctor's Office - 3rd UltraMix".

Foxy says, "Waitin's good fors ya, kid! Ha cha cha cha cha!"

Why, an empty room! I guess there's no boss in here or any- why, a Codec call!

What could they be saying? Find out next!