Chapter XLVI - More Eggs and More Crap!

Head east for another egg! Alright! My collection grows! Maybe this is a different kind of egg or-

Nope. Just an egg. Also inedible. Why is Snake collecting eggs?

That's all the Bio Lab was working on. Two fucking eggs. Lovely use of a national budget. "Steal Metal Gear, Kidnap Oilix Scientist, Build Labratory Devoted to Eggs." Good job, Zanzibar! Head out and east to a truck and a sensor.

And what's in this truck, you ask?

Three people just waiting in a truck! Fuck! Run away! Or kill them and take that ration. Whatever.

The dumbest puzzle in video game history is coming up. Just to start things off, here's a laser fence (which is just a bunch of flashing colored lines - you can't see it in the screenshot) and a guard... who by all accounts should have been able to see me here. Strangely, he didn't. Let's check inventory and...

Wha-?! There's a snake in my inventory! It's crawling over my items! And my eggs are broken! Well, I guess either the eggs hatched into one full grown snake, or it crawled in my inventory and ate my eggs. And my rations! That's a hungry fucking snake! I had ham and chocolate and coffee in those rations!

Johnny Dipshit here tells me a lie. The "animal herding center" is the bio lab I just left. You know what animals they herded? Two eggs!

"Hey, that guy's got a gun and he just snuck into our room! I'll tell him about my fear of owls!"


Kid, you speak English like epileptics fuck - weird and all over the place.

The Dumbest Puzzle in Video Game History... Coming Up!