Chapter XLV - Current Score: Snake - 1, Predator - 0. Egg Council - 1, Sensical Games - 0.

As usual, not much of importance. Kessler gives you a one sentence resume' of Predator's past work experience, and goes on to repeat what Predator already told you. Crap, crap, crap., on whose side? And why are you speaking like an old man from a video game? "Predator took out 4 platoons in Korea, azz legend hazz it..."

Aha! This is why Kessler is such a useful character! "This guy spent some time in Vietnam. ...Well, have a good one!" Thanks for the help, prick.

Yeah, like I said, wait here and chuck grenades. Predator is too stupid do figure out how to shoot or move around the boxes. The only thing that might hurt you is if you overestimate the game's piss poor collision detection as bullets magically go through the corners of the boxes, but not the boxes themselves.

Crap! He ducked my grenade! Just kidding, the AI's not that good.

Hooray, Predator drops an ID card on top of his randomly placed vegetation. Seriously, what room is this supposed to be? The Zanzibar Greenhouse?

Head northwest of Predator to find the Bio Lab, guarded by a live sentry, two cameras and poison gas. What possible evil technology can Zanzibar be working on? Biological weapons? Mutants?

An egg. What?! Is it a mutant egg or a demon egg or...

Um... Just an egg. Well, my game's equipment screen will tell me!

Well, I'm at a loss. It's just a fucking egg as far as the game wants to tell me. That and it's inedible. Good. Thanks.

What other secrets does the Bio Lab hold? Another egg? Yes.