Chapter XLIV - The Fight With Predator

I just thought we should take another look at our game's loading mascot, Foxy! Say hi, Foxy!

Foxy: "Ha cha cha cha cha!"

Head east of where you land to find these trucks parked on a deadly mountain ledge!... How the hell did they get the trucks there in the first place? WTF, mate?

You know, it never occurred to me before, but why is it that the evil guys in Metal Gear use trucks, but only transport things one at a time? Shouldn't there be PARCELS of grenades in here? Or crates of rations? Why buy a whole truck and only put a handgun in it?

Head west to find this door. What could be beyond it? What's behind the door...?

Cornfields? Say what? Why are there cornfields indoors? How fucked up is this Zanzibar place? And why are there boxes in the middle of the corn? And...

And no time to ponder the nonsense, because here's Predator! And he's been waiting here in the corn for you. I don't know why he hasn't been actively seeking you out, like I would think most people should have been doing, but hey, live and learn.

Oh. Well, it's a damn good thing we're surrounded by orange vegetation, which is nothing like the jungle. It's also good that Predator forgot his proper camoflauge today and wore olive green.




Jungle combat for the Predator consists of shooting, ducking, walking somewhere else, and shooting again. Now that's guerilla warfare! If you walk behind these boxes on the left, he can't shoot you, so just hide there and chuck grenades at him. But, just because I'm pretending this is hard, let's call up Kessler and pretend he can help.

What will Kessler say?