Chapter XLIII - Glide!

When we last saw Solid Snake, he'd monotonously ran up 10 flights of stairs, and reached... well, not much. Just this room with its two tripwires and a camera. Somehow, all those people chasing you can't follow you through a door, so they just decide to shrug and forget it. No one in the enemy army knows where you are, realistically.

As if only to piss you off, Kojima suffixes the monotonous 10-flight (40 screens in all!) run with a room with another kid... who says the same thing as another kid you met earlier? Is Konami just throwing shit in this game for the hell of it? I feel like the next room is going to be a stage from Bionic Commando that they just crammed in for no reason.

Here's a view of the balcony you have to hang glide off of. Someone left food out for God-knows-who and now your codec is ringing!

Whoever your fan is, he can see you through a walkie talkie somehow, and has intimate knowledge of hanggliding techniques. Thanks, "Fan". I hope it turns out to be Robert DeNiro from "The Fan", because if it turns out to be Gray Fox like it is in Metal Gear Solid, I'm going to be pissed.

Wow! What have we learned? Not only does some climatological phenomena make for some weird problem where wind blows south moreso than any other direction in this spot in Zanzibar, but brace yourself for this mindfuck of a revelation... SOMETIMES THE WIND CHANGES DIRECTION! Thanks, faceless fan!

Yeah, it's called skin. Thanks, fuckbag. For such a big fan, he doesn't want to clue you in onto what that item may be.

Just like Bill O'Reilly talking to an executive producer*, "Fan" finishes his business and gets the hell off the phone. Felafel, indeed!

* (Allegedly, of course.)

Thanks for the useless advice child! I already knew about the balcony - that's why I came all the way up here in the first place, you dumb wad! Secondly, what kind of skydiving practice starts from the 20th floor of a building INSTEAD OF A FUCKING PLANE like the rest of the skydiving world?

The item your fan was referring to is your gas grenades. Don your gas mask and throw them. I couldn't get a good picture, but when you throw a gas grenade, rather than the artists drawing a cloud of gas moving in the wind or something, you just get a flashing arrow that shows you which way the wind was blowing. For some reason, the wind never stopped blowing east. I ran out of gas grenades, and couldn't get any more without going back down the 10 flights of stairs again. Since that was unlikely, I just decided to jump for it.

Apparently, I got lucky. The glider sailed Snake over a truck...

And over the destroyed bridge! Rest of game, here I come!

What will Snake find on the other side?! Another boss fight! Sorry. Didn't mean to ruin it for you.