Chapter XLII: Monotony

Ah, the purple hallways of children. I understand that's the title of the next Korn album. Bomb the west wall to proceed.

Sadly, you can't avoid getting caught, and now you're going to be chased... up ten flights of stairs! Really. At four screens per floor and ten floors in all, prepare for a really, really annoying trip up.

They make you do this again in Metal Gear Solid, too, meaning Kojima thinks you like this.

I'd really like to demonstrate how monotonous this stairway nonsense is. The first seven floors are completely uneventful, so you just keep running. Snake isn't the fastest chap in the world, either, so I hope you've got a better game you can occupy your time with during all this.

The 11th floor! Think that's annoying? Well...

The 13th floor! Okay, by now, I was just getting pissed off at the game. Seriously, who thought this was fun? Is Konami punishing me for emulating this game?

To break up the monotony, Konami puts a tripwire in. This seeks to make it harder to progress - you have to run against the tripwire for awhile to bust through it. Meanwhile, soldiers catch up to you, which means you have to turn around and shoot them. I'm sorry, did I say Konami broke up the monotony? I meant, they add a new flavor of monotony: Ennui Orange!

Konami decides to cut you a break and make things less boring on Floor 15...

Ammo packs! Huzzah! Will this game's fun never cease?

Floor 17! Wow! And it only seemed like a fucking eternity! We're almost there!

Whoa! A trapdoor! By the way, cute how the trap door has brickface on a clearly metal stairway. Nice job, designers.

That's right, I'm going to show you pretty much every floor. Isn't this great?

Finally, the end! Entering the golden door somehow makes the guards forget they were chasing you. Congratulations! You made it through the most boring thing I've ever experienced. Seriously, why the fuck was this in here?

Can we find more methods to artificially extend the gameplay?