Chapter XLI: The Fight With Ultrabox!

When we last saw Snake, he was surrounded by Ultrabox! Four guys with baseball caps and guns! No! Yes. Sadly, it's time to fight these four dudes who can stand on top of your elevator and jump down. I thought the game was cutting away the elevator ceiling just so you could see inside, but no such luck - this elevator really doesn't have a ceiling.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I decided to call Kessler and see if he had any good advice.

Kessler repeats information you learned not a minute ago, and this time without grammatical hurdles like "articles" and "particles".

Wow, members of SAS, GSG9, and UDT combined?! You'd think professionals like these would have more tactics than: "Jump into elevator, shoot at person, jump back out." Sadly, they don't. Kessler's big on acronyms, but not so much on help.

Kessler forgets that without some magical 4-way gun, there really isn't any way to attack all four people surrounding you simultaneously. This advice is as useful as, "When firing your gun, don't hum any songs that might be distracting to you. Over."

Here's me hiding in a corner, hoping Ultrabox will just go away.

Here's me dodging their slow bullets. "Wow," thinks Snake. "This elevator is fucking huge!"

Shooting Ultrabox a lot makes them die. That sentence was more helpful than all of the Codec advice you've received in this game, no?

Destroy all four members, and voila! A card magically appears in the center of the elevator. It's ID-7! Pat yourself on the back, soldier!

But not too long, since the elevator plummets immediately after the boss fight. Fox probably could have killed you by doing this at the beginning - instead, he wasted a bunch of mercenaries' lives. What a load of crap!

After the elevator lands, dust yourself off and go onto another elevator. Your objective is 10F. Don't worry. Somehow, Gray Fox has no idea what elevator you're going on this time.

What awaits our hero? More elevators, I hope!