Chapter XXXIX: Snake! Fox!

We were raiding the basement and found a green shirt.

Snake: "This will go great with the outfit I'm currently wearing since it looks the same and everything."

I guess they meant "bulletproof vest". Like 99% of all video game bulletproof vests, it doesn't change your game sprites, and it halves all your damage, regardless of whether or not the bullets hit your face or not. This sounds too demanding, but I feel really nitpicky right now.

You've pretty much raided all the crap in the basement, but here's one last picture for the scrapbook. Look at that pitfall! Awesome. Now, go *all* the way back to the tower building... again...

And go to this elevator. Strangely, I felt like equipping my machine gun and new bulletproof vest. I hope there's no boss encounter coming up soon!

Snake: "Is there?"

Shut up, Snake.

Hey, there's a floor 13! This is nothing like a real skyscraper!

Snake: "You know, considering that bathroom elevator, this is really quite realistic by comparison."

Good point, Snake.

Oh no! The elevator stopped at Floor 19! And now, there's a call coming in!

Snake: "Grey Fox! Wait a minute! How did you get my radio frequency?!"

Okay, Fox didn't say "Snake!" a third time. I just thought it was funny that they keep exclaiming to each other.

Snake: "No! You can't mean that! Well, you can't sleep in my camoflauge mat anymore! And I want my Connect Four and my DVD box set of Fight Club back!"

Sorry. That's the last time I'll do that.

Snake? Fox! Fox? Snake...