Chapter XXXVI: Return to the Fourth Floor

Take the elevators up to the 4th floor. It's time for an Easter Egg hunt, Metal Gear style!

And now for the most modern of Zanzibar's equipment: A Magic Sensor! This sensor, with its ornate red jewel emits red expanding squares that alert the guards if Snake touches them. Fortunately, it does that on-off-on-off pattern that most video game machines do, making sneaking by a breeze.

I got caught on my way to the locker room, and got fed up with my cheap radar. I looked in my Kanji dictionary to see what those fucking symbols mean. It's "ki-ken", which means danger or risk. So, Snake's radar uselessly screams "Danger!" when he gets caught and not even in his language! Now, *that's* a useless piece of shit!

I managed to hide in this room, which is full of like fifty statues and two children. If I were Snake, I'd say, "I'm not interrupting.... uh.... something.... am I?"

Oh, you little unoriginal bastard! Some kid twelve rooms ago already told me this! That means Kojima ran out of useful info to write in the game, and just started putting kids in for the hell of it? What the fuck, fucker?

Snake: "Well, it's not going to be a secret if you keep telling everyone." [slaps child.]

A shape changing brooch? That sounds a lot like the shape changing PAL card in Metal Gear Solid. Seriously, does they just recycle these scripts over and over?

Head north to find the most futuristic lockers I've ever seen. Open them by walking into them, and walk into them... by doing that again.

East, you'll find beds on a floor that squeaks when you walk on it. That must get really annoying for whoever sleeps in this random ass hallway.

You'll have to crawl on the squeaky floor to get by these three sleeping guards. I'm no physicist, but the floor would squeak regardless of whether or not you were crawling. Sorry to burst your bubble, game designer.

What lies beyond these sleepyheads? THE NIGHTMARE CONTINUES! Get it? Ha.