Chapter XXXV: Fast Times at Zanzibar High

When we last saw Solid Snake, Holly had recommended he get a hang glider, go to the 20th floor and fly over the bridge that Metal Gear destroyed. Helpfully, the game designers decided that the scenery in the game is so good looking, they make you see it all again by backtracking all the way to the first building in the game! Way to artifically extend the play length, guys!

Go to this giant door in the southeast section.

You'll find more dummy guards, with one real one in the upper left corner (I've already killed him here.) For being the only nuclear power, having stolen the only thing that can save the world's dwindling energy supplies, and owning Metal Gear, Zanzibar seems ridiculously understaffed. "Hey George, stand by all these dummies. Then it'll be like you're a whole platoon!"

Pictured top: Hang Glider. Pictured bottom: Pistol. Any of the artists on the Metal Gear 2 design team have a problem with scale?

Foxy, the game's mascot says, "Ya gots guns too big and glida's too small, but I likes ya spunk, kid!"

As long as we're here, we might as well collect more stuff. Here's a door to the north section of the building. Behind it is a lot of goodness. See if you're clever and brave enough to defeat the guard. I find the cowardly "shoot him when he's not looking" method works wonders.

Here lies the blue card. This does the job of cards 4-6 in one convenient card. The Metal Gear staff must have been out sick the day this part was designed, because rather than having to backtrack through the whole game, or tediously wait for things, I get something that's convenient and helpful. I imagine Kojima impaled them on a ceremonial pole for that.

I'd just like to point out that I still have cigarettes and a bucket. For some reason, the game ranks cigarettes as the top item - always the first one when you go to the equipment screen. Rations - which heal wounds - are ranked last. Smart. Bucket, is right in the middle just barely inching out Natasha's "ZL" brooch.

Take a note of that brooch's shape, as it becomes important later...

And here's another dust bin! Care to take another slide down and get more trash/treasure?


A dummy arm? What the fuck is this, Silent Hill?

What could the future hold?!