Chapter XXXIII: Natasha's Sad Song

"Ah, me." says Natasha wistfully. She's really taking things well, considering she got hit with A FUCKING MISSLE.

Natasha, in her - presumably - dying moments realizes that it was wrong of her to not stamp the ground and to gently walk over the ice. I have to admit that this sad, self-eulogy is completely lost on me. What the fuck is she getting at? What part of her life did she miss out on? (Besides all the stamping.)

Well... you know you were a skater, right? I mean, that was sort of the correct thing to do...

Snake's reaction is perfect here. This is exactly how a trained killer would act toward someone dying that he met about ten minutes ago.

Snake: "Uh, Natasha? You're just spewing random sentence fragments."

Natasha: "I never liked the monkey house... St. Louis has a football team... the doctors said I might have brain damage."

Snake decides to be touching. I bet you never thought Solid Snake was into women's figure skating. By the way, notice I've still got a mine detector equipped. Imagine him saying all this stuff while holding a mine detector, and it becomes all the more sentimental.

Snake: "A card *AND* a brooch! I'll be the belle of the ball!"


Petro calls you over! There's something you need to see!

It's robot feet! And a little bit of robot dick, too, sadly.

Could This Be Metal Gear?! ... Yep.