Chapter XXXII: Our Trio Parts Ways

Dr. Petrovich finally comes back from fulfilling his "natural desires". I hope he wasn't watching Snake and Natasha. Eww.

Snake: "Did you fall in?! Dur hur!"

Walk north, then west to find...

Thanks, Snake.

Natasha observes that only one person can cross at a time. I don't know how, since the bridge is made of metal and looks rather sturdy to me, but hey, she's the ice-skater turned mercenary turned bridge expert.

Forgetting that he has a daughter about Snake's age that he mentioned earlier, Petrovich realizes since he has no one who cares about him, he might as well just cross and if he dies, hey, who really cares? Good attitude, Doc. Glad to have you on the team.

Do I really need a *SPOILER ALERT* here? The game is practically showing you a blimp with the word "FORESHADOWING" painted on the side.

Well, okay, I'll just-

Suddenly, a missle hits the bridge! It looks like Petrovich shot it, but I can't tell if it came from him or above him or what. Regardless, Natasha is thrown to your side of the bridge. Good thing only one person can cross at a time!

In exasperation, Snake mysteriously elongates the last two syllables in Natasha's name.

Is There Going To Be a Characteristically Long Metal Gear Death Sequence?