Chapter XXVII: Natasha and Marv

"No, Snake. I'm the reincarnation of Gertrude Stein."

Man, she got changed fucking quick.

The game decided we need to see Natasha's weird-ass face for this upcoming conversation. Notice that she's either continuously rolling her eyes or staring at the ceiling. If you imagine the former, it's like everything she says is needlessly sarcastic!

Once in college, my roommate told us a good pickup line was "Was your father a thief? No? Then how did he steal the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes?" His girlfriend thought that was really romantic. I had a pretty good lead in for that, too.

"Hey, you want to hear the stupidest fucking pickup line I've ever heard in my life? Swear to God, it will make you want to burn someone alive."

Solid Snake. Trained Killer. Expert Spy. Women's Figure Skating Enthusiast.

"No, it's completely plausible that I'd encounter two Olympic athletes in the course of a single mission of international importance."

Ooh, touchy. Natasha decides to play translator to Marv.

Ja Jsem, my nizzle.

So there's no words for "tower" or "building" in Czech?

Ha, Marv thinks the same thing as Snake! We may be divided by language, Marv, but we're bound by our love of the Winter Olympics. Ja Jzem Curling Fan?

What did they say? Were they talking about you?