Chapter XXVI: Adventures in the Bathroom!

Alright! A dark room with a child! Who wrote this game, Michael Jack- Ah, I've used that joke twice already. Never mind.

Use the infrared goggles to see a blue version of the room. Yeah, I know, it's supposed to be red. At this point, just be glad you've been off the Codec for over a minute.

Dummy soldiers?...

Movers: "Hey, where you want these couple hundred perfect statues of guards placed?"

Evil Commander: "Just put them all in that one room, and have them face the center. I want to freak out any potential invaders."

Evil Commander: "Joseph, I need you to go into the room where there's 100 mannequins dressed like you and guard it. Just stand in there for hours on end."

Joseph:"Won't I go insane?"

Evil Commander: "Like I care? Now go guard them statues!"

Compare these two pictures to see where all the fake guards are.

Evil Commander: "You, stand in the bottom right and face the corner. Don't look and see if anyone's entering the room, just stare at that corner! And you, stand perfectly still in the top row and face that east door! And you... just stare south! Ha! And my psychologist had the nerve to say I was unbalanced! Ha ha ha ha! Now to buy 1500 wild monkeys!"

Uh oh, it's the Zanzibar cafeteria! Fortunately, the guards can't see over any of the tables, so just feel free to run around the room to the southeast. Go to the men's room and find...

A bucket! I've been on this mission this whole time and no bucket? What kind of military is the United States running here? What do they expect me to do when I find a mop and need to clean the enemy base for them? Snake, besides throwing out that bug list and bird shit, decideds to keep the bucket. And with good reason!... I don't know what it is, but I assume it's good.

You have to wait for Natasha to enter the women's room. Inexplicably, she walks all the way around the second plant, stands in front of the men's room door for no reason, and finally enters. Run in after her!

What will the women's restroom hold?