Chapter XXV: Snake Finds MORE Children.

This room was brought to you by the letter 'I'.

This tactical espionage action is brought to you by the letter 'C'. Who spilled their Campbell's Chicken Noodle Alphabet Soup on the game's design docs? By the way, Campbell's didn't pay for that mention. Consider it a freebee for the Manhattan Clam Chowder, guys.

Four guards, a camera, and poison gas for a single pair of IR Goggles? Man, how many Harriers are guarding the Zanzibar Rocket Launcher?

The equipment screen identifies this as "Night Viewer", which is the name of a cheesy 80's horror movie starring Louis Gossett Jr., and Molly Ringwald.

Take the elevator to the fourth floor and enter this door to find...

MORE CHILDREN?! Doesn't Zanzibar have any fucking sweatshops for these little bastards?

Good to know. If you have to fix enemy posture at any point in the game, here's a clue for how to do it. Thanks, Billy. I'll leave you in this locked room like all your little friends.

Nothing makes a fortress cozy like lotsa greenery.

Snake: "Oh. I've been wondering what to do when I have to go dukey."

This game is chock full of useful information. You wouldn't know it from the fucking non-sequitors everyone keeps spewing, but it does. Like kids are scared at night! Well, if you were herded with a shitload of ten year olds and guarded at gunpoint by some one-eyed maniac who made you call him uncle, you'd be scared day or night!

Snake: "Pills? There's pills around? Where you little fuck?! Snakey needs his feel-good pills!"

Are we done with this repetitive part of the game? (And the strategy guide?)