Chapter XXIV: Third Floor Ballyhoo

You'll want to head up to third floor and do some exploring with your new cards. Watch out, more trap doors! Fortunately, if you simply don't stop moving when you trigger one, the game forgets about gravity and you can just walk over it, like I did here.

You can find a Robotmouse here. They make fairly good pets and can be a lot of fun, provided you're not supposed to be busy on a mission of international intrigue or anything. Which, judging by the catching pigeons and sneaking into women's bathrooms - Snake obviously isn't doing.

The dude with the metal head and shoulder plates would be sooooo steamed if he knew about Snake's Robotmouse greed going on in the other room.

In this room, you can find another kid. What the hell? I've never seen a fortress need so many day care centers before.

It actually never occurred to me to try shooting the kids in this game before right now.

Gas Gren.! This is my favorite weapon. Gas Grenades are for all the players who didn't think there was enough poison gas interspersed everywhere. Seriously, do you hate breathing as much as I do? If so, booya!

This door is to the east on the third floor. If you can dodge the side-to-side moving camera, you'll find...

THE BLACKNESS OF SPACE! Oh good Lord! Strangely, this room has nothing but a light switch, it appears. But if you walk over and punch it, you'll find...

Oh. It really was just a room with a light switch. Fancy that.

"Alright men. We absolutely cannot allow Solid Snake through this hallway. So everyone just line up and stand here. And for God sakes, whatever you do, DON'T LOOK AT THE DOOR. Hey Johnson, did you remember to turn off the lights in that other room? Electricity ain't free, you know!"

"Well, even though the two guys in front of me just disappeared, I might as well walk forward and check out that noise that sounded like a guy punching a wall."

What next?!???!!!!??!?1!?