Chapter XXII: Dr. Marv Speaks in Jumanji

Actually, it means you're holding the paper upside down, jackass. WIS.Ohio = 140.51. Could this be Dr. Marv's frequency? Could our long quest for his location finally be over?!

FUCK! Everyone in the game neglected to tell you that Dr. Marv only speaks gibberish.

Tell me about it.

And then the rabbi says. "MSH MARSHA! FVK REJKJVK ZAXCA 'Saved By the Bell'!"

You know, Snake, just because the guy's name sounds like gibberish, doesn't mean he can speak it. Then again, I'll cut you some slack since your crack team of spies is made up of a bald guy who knows about animals and a cardboard box.

Oh, well if it's only that he's sh- HOLY FUCK, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR EYES!!!

Oh, thank God, he was only blinking! Wait a minute, if Marv doesn't speak English, how does he know to write "Help!" on that carrier pigeon?

And who the hell is Natasha?

Well, he's the one who's captured so he'd better accept whoever the fuck I throw at him!

What will happen to our heroic scientists?!