Chapter XXI: The Treasure of Red Blaster

When we last saw Solid Snake, he had defeated the evil "Red Blaster" - an evil, grenade throwing foe who was clearly wearing green. After heading west... look out, Snake! It's a trap door!

Wait a minute! What is this, Mr. Burns' office? What kind of military complex has a trap door?! Okay, besides Dracula's. I should be happy at least that there's not any hidden switches in a statue's arm or behind a bookcase or something. Then again, I am looking for a fucking carrier pigeon, so things still aren't all that good.

What was Red Blaster guarding? A balcony with these four empty boxes! Well, great. Fortunately, it's not all a complete waste of time as Holly calls...

Wow, they sealed off this room? There must be something really, really important inside!

I guess you can see where this is going.

... Okay.

Besides these barrels, there's nothing else in the sealed off room, so I don't know what Zanzibar was protecting. Fortunately, however, there's a pigeon flying around - that's the only important thing in here. That means that either Zanzibar knew about the pigeon and decided to wall it up in here (rather than shoot it down or anything), or they just decided to seal off an empty room from invaders and protect it with a boss.

Then again, Red Blaster can't even get his outfit color right, so maybe they just needed to give him *something* to do.

I decide to call Holly, who gives me information that's neither helpful nor pertinent. It's a shame, too, since I really would have liked her to explain *why* there are so many children in Zanzibar Land, but she doesn't do that, either. Failing that, I try Yozef.

Now, *here* is what I was looking for! When the chips are down, and there's a nuclear threat to the world imminent, Solid Snake can now take comfort in the fact that his pigeon trivia skills are second to none!

The way you hear Yozef talk, you'd think a pigeon divorced him, took his money, and left him a broken shell of a man, content only with getting up every day and wondering why it was worth getting up that day, with only the bittersweet picture of a love that once was to keep him comfort.

Keep on truckin', Yozef. This too, shall pass.

Well, Yozef, I'd have thought there were no carrier pigeons or trapdoors in modern day battlefields, either, but here we are.

What a coincidence! My B2 Rations contain peas and potatoes - ironically, neither is particularly rich in B2. Equip it and approach the pigeon...

What does the pigeon have to say?