Chapter XX: The Fight With Red (?) Blaster

Exit the elevator, and Snake develops a stutter. A trap?! No!... Er, really, no. It's actually a bunch of tripwires, that you have to run into for a few minutes before they break and let you pass. But Snake's little monologue about the trap alerts the next boss...

Oh no! Red-B! If you're having trouble seeing him in the picture, it's probably because you were looking for someone red. That green guy crawling above Snake's head in the next picture is the boss, and he's got a trap! Except, like I mentioned before, it's as much of a trap as Blazing Saddles was a documentary about the old west.

Someone should explain to... [painful sigh] Red Blaster.... that it's as easy to slowly cook someone with grenades as it is to perform delicate surgery with a bulldozer. By the way, why is he called Red Blaster? He wears green.

This fight is painfully easy. Walk to the left to dodge his grenade, throw one of your own straight up. Blaster walks... or whatever... into your grenade. Meanwhile, walk right to dodge his next grenade and throw another one of your own straight up. Repeat. You win! Congrats! Well, let's pretend this fight is harder than that and call up Kessler.


Ah, good old USSR Rumumba U. I minored in Assassination Elite, and majored in Torture Philosophy. Those were the days.

For the last time, game, these are hardly booby traps. They're just wires! And you can break them by running into them! And you don't even need to for this boss fight, because you can just walk back and forth throwing grenades!

This time, sadly, he forgot to "immobilize" you, so you're pretty much free to kick this bosses' ass. By the way, I guess "grenade launcher" means "arm", beacuse Red Blaster is clearly throwing the grenades. But since he's also crawling in the ceiling, that's the only thing that's clear about what he's doing.

What's beyond Red Blaster?