Chapter XIX: Where Are All These Children Coming From?

Guard A: "Jimmy, I thought I heard someone walking on a grating."

Guard B: "You check under that conspicuous man-sized recess at your feet?"

Guard A: "No, he'd never hide there! Dude, you're stupid!"

Guard C: "What was that noise? And why is my punctuation visible? And who the hell am I talking to?"

Go up in this elevator and...

Enter this purple hallway full of children! All right! It seems like you're trapped in this hallway, but that kid knows the secret!

They "buried the doors"? What the fuck does that mean? They took the doors off the frames and actually buried them? Oh! He means they cemented over them! Why anyone would do this is beyond me.

Also, the kid's suggestion that you randomly punch the walls to find the doors is fine, provided Snake doesn't mind breaking his hands.

You can continue blowing perfect hallways into the walls with your C4 to find that these evil Zanzibar bastards walled these kids alive! (Who are all these kids?!)

This kid saw "green pineapples". I wonder what he means...

You can find grenades in a room to the south. Oh, "green pineapples." I get it. That kid's never seen grenades before? Maybe pineapples in Zanzibar Land come with circular rings. And are made of metal. And explode.

Wow, this does sound like the Neverland Ranch! Well, except for the "one eyed uncle" bit. Hey wait a minute, maybe "one eyed uncle" really means... eww!

Go back down to the spiral room. Someone stuffed rations into this... vent/hole/recess. You'll notice, by the way, that there are a lot of these random recesses to crawl into - it's actually more confusing than the random grating if you think about it.

Enter the north elevator and go up to the thirtieth floor. Arm your grendes and wait!

...Sigh... and wait...

And wait... Kojima, I'd like to personally thank you for the most realistic boring elevator experience I've ever had in a game!

Where does this eventful trip lead?