Chapter XVIII: Don't Hate The Player

Holly! She was sealed up in that room... somehow! So, Holly was recently captured, and in lieu of handcuffs or a jail cell, the Zanzibar folks decided to put her in a room, cement it up, paint over it and leave her there? That's... elaborate. It's even stranger when they do this again in Metal Gear Solid.

Snake, always the professional. Remember guys, nothing sweeps a lady off her feet like a clumsy compliment preceded by demolishing a wall with plastic explosives.

Snake: "Yeah. You sounded like a complete snank on the radio."

You know, like before the "Whole World Hangs in the Balance" mission started when it was appropriate to hit on girls.

He had time to train a carrier pigeon from a cell? And who was he releasing it to, exactly? Uh oh...

(Please don't make me find a carrier pigeon. Please don't make me find a carrier pigeon...)


Holly: "Well, let me put it this way - pigeon doesn't go good with prison bread."

No, Snake. It got off on the 16th floor because that's where its office is located. How the fuck should she know where the pigeon went?

Holly: "Something important - like *not* pigeon hunting."

Snake: "You mean you suck dick for money? Oh, you meant 'going down' as in decreasing. Sorry."

Heh. Baby, you came to the wrong place. My frequency is set on "tap".

We're Tauruses, we both like sushi. We should date.

Desperate attempt to get laid, party of one.

Dude, hot. Holly leaves, and Snake gets back on the clock, which is good since millions of lives have to take a backseat to his libido. Oh well. Maybe if they get together, that Oilix stuff will come in handy.

Enough gallavanting! On with the mission!