Chapter XVII: Finding Holly

Holly's been captured and it's up to Snake and his... sound map... to save her. Fortunately, the terrorists didn't see Holly's wireless, which is understandable since it's only a large microphone on her face.

If you look closely at the map in the picture, you'll notice that the building was built like a giant spiral, just like every other building in an insane architect's dreams!

Another thing you'll notice about this communications tower is that there's a lot of randomly placed grating, so I guess there's a lot of sludge and goo on these floors that needs to be sluiced through or something.

Grating makes your footsteps heard by guards - even if they're on the other side of a wall! If that happens, by the way, the guard confusedly stares at the wall for awhile, exclaims "A Noise!" and does nothing.

Anyway, enter this elevator.

Common to most video game architecture, this building contains three elevators, all of which go to completely different floors. This is known as "extending the gameplay value with a completely unrealistic architectural decision".

Strangely, only B1, 1F, 10F, 20F, and 30F are accessible, which seems like an extremely inefficient waste of real estate to me. Then again, this is the country that imported squeaky sand.

This basement is really more of a sewer - and look! Another child! Is this a military complex or the Neverland Ranch?

Are these small bricks of wood with nails sticking out? Nope, they're Plast. Bombs, which I guess is supposed to be plastic explosives, only without timers or detonators or anything.

This sewer boy, who dwells near the mines, asks if your friends with that blonde girl. He must mean Holly! Well you're near water and an elevator, which is part of Snake's sound map, so...

So nothing. It's not much of a help.

Why do these idiot kids talk like the old men from the Legend of Zelda?

"Laser dislike smoke."

Unable to piece together the sound map, I decided to punch this wall in frustration. What's this? It made a different sound than all the other walls I've been punching throughout this game?!

Place a plastic explosive and detonate it near that wall and presto! Like all bombs, it will blow a hole open in the wall, fashion corners, and create a hallway! Good bomb!

What's beyond the newly formed hallway that magically popped into existence thanks to my C4?