Chapter XVI: Snake Makes a Sound Map.

Ah, the entrance to the communication tower. But... how will I ever get in?!?!?!!?!

Head to the right and find... a conveyor belt leading in! Great! Except you can't use it for some strange reason. Campbell calls so he can clue you in. What great advice could he have?

... Uh... Yes. Yes, I could do that, provided it was rather big luggage... I don't know how that's pertinent to my current situation, but thanks! I'll slap a Samsonite logo on my ass next Halloween.

"How about I shove it up your old favorite - the anus?"

After this, Campbell inexplicably changes his frequency to 140.66. Yay? Head inside the truck to find.

What do you know? A cardboard box. You know, couldn't they have just put it like a screen or two to the left? This just seems lazy. "You'll need a cardboard box to enter that base... so here it is!"

See me? I'll give you a hint. I'm in the CONSPICUOUSLY PLACED CARDBOARD BOX.

Sneak in and Snake gets a call from Holly, who... is suddenly putting strange premature pauses in her speech! Why?!


Did the writers have a fight at this part or something?

From my left? Your left? Game left? You know we're talking over a walkie talkie, and I don't really know your concept of direction, right?

Uh... excuse me?! A sound map?! Let me see if I can do this, too... coffee, television, sand castle - I've got a treasure map now! No.

Seashell, bacon, flashlight - I've got a map to the diamond mines now! No. Dammit!

Will Snake find Holly? Find out!