Chapter XV: The Hind D Makes Its Predictable Appearance

Uh oh! On the other side of the desert is... a Hind D! Snake's mortal enemy, the helicopter! Unfortunately, two pilots just happened to be sitting in it and when they see you, they take off immediately. It's time for Boss Battle 3, the Hind D!

By the way, during "takeoff", notice that the Hind moves back, but its shadow remains directly underneath it, which really means it's magically sliding back. Nice try, artists.

The Hind circles overhead in a counterclockwise position, and you have to hide like a coward under these little tunnels to nowhere in order to survive its onslaught o' bullets. I decided to call my friend Kessler for some Hind hunting advice.

Many a night I wake in cold sweat thinking name of "Hind-D". Then it reminds me of Heinz ketchup and I get hungry.

Thanks, guy. Hey listen, I'm kinda trapped under a little hutch thing and while it's benefical to know that the hovering death machine that's raining bullets on me would have no problem hauling a few refridgerators at once, let's cut to the chase, shall we?

DAMMIT! All those things I heard about attack helicopters only being able to shoot things that are at precisely the same altitude were all a fucking lie!

If you were unlucky enough not to have picked up the Stingers, Konami gives you the middle finger again and makes you trek all the way through the desert and jungle to get them, thus making me all the more glad I didn't pay for this game, not that I would have been able to since it wasn't released in America (so please don't sue).

Firing Stingers is really boring, since it just requires moving a cursor on the radar, and making sure the cursor lines up with the Hind on your radar. So, hit it 4 times, and this happens - junk falls on the screen! By the way, you can only hold 6 Stingers, so if you fuck up three times, Konami flips you the bird again as you have to go ALL the way back to the base to reload.

Well, that's that.

And now what awaits you? Well, not a Hind D. That's for sure.